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Symptom Reduction

COLD-FX provides further symptom reduction when taken with a flu shot

Cold Symptoms

Prepare yourself.

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Immune Support

2 in 1 Immune Support and Symptom Relief | COLD-FX First Signs

Flu tracker

Track the spread of flu symptoms in your area.

Flu Tracker

Cold-Fx Boost Commercial

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ChemBioPrint®: A mark of quality

ChemBioPrint® technology, or Chemical and Biological FingerPrinting, was developed to identify the active components of natural ingredients, then fingerprint those components for chemical composition and biological activity.

For COLD-FX, ChemBioPrint® is used to identify and isolate the active ingredient known as CVT-E002TM, a proprietary extract from the root of Panax quinquefolius (North American ginseng, 4:1).

By isolating the active ingredient, ChemBioPrint® allows for a standardized, quality manufacturing process.

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Get a special edition Rock’em Sock’em Hockey DVD
COLD-FX is celebrating 20 years in Canada with a Canadian salute to hockey! For a limited time, a special edition of Don Cherry’s Rock’em Sock’em Hockey is free with specially marked packages of COLD-FX. Collect all four special edition DVDs!
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