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New COLD-FX Packaging Hits Store Shelves

COLD-FX has gone through a number of packaging updates over the past couple of years. However, one thing has remained constant throughout – the active ingredient within COLD-FX and COLD-FX EXTRA has always been CVT-E002®! CVT-E002 is the heart and soul of COLD-FX. It is a patented ingredient that has a significant amount of clinical proof of efficacy and safety.

Recently, we have updated our packaging to reflect new government-approved claims related to COLD-FX and COLD-FX EXTRA. Both products are; clinically proven to reduce the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system. You will now be able to clearly see this on the updated packaging.

 Old Packaging
New Packaging


All previous versions of packaging contain the same active ingredients as the new packaging, and are also clinically proven to reduce the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms. All versions of packaging have the same potency and can be used with confidence. There have however been some updates to the product worth noting:

COLD-FX Original capsules now have green printing on them. We updated this in order to utilize a natural chlorophyll colour, consequently avoiding any artificial dyes.

COLD-FX EXTRA was previously in blue and white capsules, and has now been switched to white capsules with COLD-FX EXTRA printed on them in the same natural chlorophyll colouring as COLD-FX Original. This update eliminates any artificial dyes in the product.

These packaging updates in no way affect the potency of the product. All versions of COLD-FX currently found on store shelves, regardless of the packaging have the same potency per pill.  Choose any version with confidence.

In health,

The COLD-FX Team


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