COLD-FX Product
COLD-FX Receives #1 Spot in Annual Drugstore Canada OTC Market Report Survey

For the 7th year in a row, COLD-FX is the “#1 Pharmacist recommended and for the 5th year in a row, COLD-FX was the # 1 Physician recommended “Natural Cold Remedy” according to Drugstore Canada magazine. Drugstore Canada magazine conducts its annual survey on OTC counseling and recommendations in order to understand what products and brands pharmacists are recommending to their patients. The most recent study was conducted between October and December 2011. A total of 1,679 pharmacists took part in the online survey. COLD-FX was recommended 61% of the time in the natural cold remedy category. The next closest product in the category was recommended only 7% of the time.

According to Kimberlee Hutchinson, Senior Health Care Professional Specialist at Afexa Life Science (now Valeant Canada Consumer Products) it is easy to understand why COLD-FX is so highly recommended. “We’re thankful for this prestigious award from Drugstore Canada magazine. This is actually the 7th year in a row that COLD-FX has won the award. We have worked hard to educate pharmacists and physicians on the high-level of clinical research that has been done on COLD-FX, so they are confident recommending it to their patients.  This research is one of the contributing factors that sets COLD-FX apart as the leader in the category”, said Hutchinson.

With COLD-FX being clinically proven to reduce the frequency, severity and duration of colds and flu, it is a unique offering in the fight against colds and flu. “People take COLD-FX either as a daily defense to cold and flu or when they believe their chances of getting a cold are increased such as when they feel run down , are exposed to group settings or if they fear one might be coming on. The product itself is also naturally sourced and works with the body’s immune system, which differentiates it from many of the other OTC cold preparations,” commented Hutchinson. “These are just some of the reasons why pharmacists and physicians are confident recommending COLD-FX.”


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